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What is Urban Camping?

Urban Camping involves spending a night or more outside in the urban environment. Urban Camping does not necessarily involve a tent, sleeping bag or other equipment. Sleeping in a campervan or a car also qualifies as Urban Camping.

Why Urban Camping?

There are many reasons for Urban Camping, with saving money the most obvious one. Other reasons include saving time, saving the environment and experiencing a connection with the urban environment.
Urban Camping does not discriminate between gender, race or class.

Is Urban Camping Safe?

The topic of Urban Camping and safety is largely unreferenced. It should be noted that safety of the homeless is a very different topic and these statistics cannot be used conclusively for Urban Camping.
Considering the risks involved with transport in the daily commute alone, Urban Camping trumps the field of safety.
Urban Camping requires a paradigm shift from perceived safety and involves risk management and trust in human nature.

Is Urban Camping Legal?

The short answer to this is, probably not. Please contact your local authority for further details of the legality of Urban Camping, as well as the consequences should you be caught Urban Camping. Consequences can include "move on" laws, where you must pack up and not return to the area within a certain time frame.

How can I get into Urban Camping?

There are many ways to ease yourself into Urban Camping. Take a friend, take your car, take a pet, Urban Camp in your back yard, Urban Camp in your friends back yard.
Start with one night, then one week and then one month, one season and so forth.

How do I meet other Urban Campers?

This is difficult as many Urban Campers do not openly admit that they are Urban Campers. Also the movement is quite new so there are not that many about. The aim of this site is to help get the communication flow happening between urban campers.

What to do if I am attacked while Urban Camping?

This comes back to the classic question of fight or flight. You should know your escape options and routes from your preparation in selecting an Urban Camping site. Depending on the nature of the attack and your confidence in self defence, you need to answer the above question and follow through.

How can I contribute to the Urban Camping movement?

This site acts as a knowledge hub for Urban Camping. Please get in touch and share any insights you may have with regards to Urban Camping. Also if there are any questions that you wish to see on the FAQ site please get in touch, through the "Contact" Section.